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About Us

Magic, masti and creativity defines Jugaad, the fund raising arm of Karm Marg. When customers buy Jugaad’s cool patchwork, innovative stationery and whacky clothes, they are helping to contribute a whopping fifty per cent of Karm Marg’s expenses.


To us at Karm Marg, Jugaad, a creative solution using freely available resources, is a way of life. In an effort to minimize our environmental footprint, we only work with recycled raw materials such as cotton, newspapers, jute, wool, glass and more. The trick is to look at a crumpled piece of block printed cotton and transform it into a trendy, usable bag with years of life, fun and excitement in it.

How it all began…

Jugaad began creating products from recycled materials in 1997 as a part of Karm Marg, a Faridabad based children's home and organisation

Work With Us

Jugaad offers unique opportunities for creative types to design, produce and market funky, up-cycled products. We have a team of brilliant young Jugadus but always have a place for more! To apply, or simply learn more about Jugaad as a workplace, contact us.


Interns and Volunteers always get our creative juices flowing! All of us at Jugaad love to interact with people from different walks of life.

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