Governing Board

Jugaad is a registered trust


Veena Lal
Mahima Mehra

Jugaad is the creative platform for the young adults and alumni of Karm Marg. Most of its key staff members are alumni of Karm Marg. They look after the designing, production, stock taking and marketing of the brand.

Over the years, as the production capacity of Jugaad has grown, a number of local village women have also been trained and employed here. More than 200 village women have been trained so far in Jugaad, of which 70 are presently employed.

The children of Karm Marg help to sell Jugaad products through stalls put up in exhibitions across the country. This offers them invaluable real time training in sales, marketing and communications. Further, they can choose to learn several skills at Jugaad. These include –

*Paper bag making

*Screen printing

*Tailoring and stitching


*Making jewellery

All in all, Jugaad offers the children of Karm Marg a unique opportunity to learn vocational skills within the security of their own home. It is no wonder, then, that so many Karm Marg alumni have branched out with their own creative businesses!